As a builder you want the best results for your effort, and you want satisfied clients. Insulation is not the first thing a buyer sees when looking at new construction, but the utility bill is among the first payments made by a new owner. Your choice of insulation can make a difference with a prospective buyer, and then with the new owner.

The insulation you choose also needs to meet your criteria for safety and ease of installation. IIS Ltd. is prepared to help you by offering a product that serves both you and your customer.

With many options open to you, it can help to consider insulation based on its effectiveness. The following list displays the R value of various types of insulation. This measurement indicates the level of resistance to heat movement, both out of and into the house through exterior walls, crawl spaces, attics, basements, and rooms situated above the garage. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation.

Batt-type InsulationLoose-Fill InsulationSpray-applied Insulation
Batt-type insulation comes in a blanket form and is made of different materials.

    • Fiberglass
      • Made of extremely fine glass fibers
      • Typical R-value 3.0


    • Mineral wool
      • Made either from natural minerals (basalt or diabase) or from blast furnace slag
      • Typical R-value 2.8


  • Cotton
    • Made from 85% recycled cotton and 15% plastic fibers
    • Typical R-value 3.0
Loose-fill insulations often require a professional installer and may be applied using a blowing machine. It is better-suited for retrofitting in existing buildings.

    • Fiberglass
      • Contains 20-30% recycled glass content
      • Typical R-value 3.0


    • Mineral fiber
      • Made either from natural minerals (basalt or diabase) or from blast furnace slag
      • Typical R-value 2.8


  • Cellulose fiber
    • Made from 82-85% recycled paper products
    • Typical R-value 3.0
Spray and injection insulations excel in filling cavities. A professional installer is required.

    • Cellulose
      • Damp-sprayed into existing walls or behind dry netting in new construction
      • Typical R-value 3.0


  • AirKrete
    • A cement-based foam that is either sprayed-in or foamed-in
    • Contains magnesium silicate
    • Is nontoxic, nonflammable
    • R-value 6 per inch

airKrete® has the additional advantage of being dust-free. It creates no off-gassing and does not require vacating the home during a retrofit insulation. To learn more about airKrete® and the installation process, contact us!

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    airKrete® is completely non-toxic, CFC and urea-formaldehyde/formaldehydefree and 100% fireproof. Safe to handle, easy to install and friendly to the environment, airKrete® insulation is the safest, greenest choice for any retrofit or new building project.

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    airKrete® is the most environmentally safe foamed-in insulation products on the market today. This proven, revolutionary technology excels in performance, safety, comfort and durability.

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