Most homes can be retrofit-insulated with airKrete® in one day. Since it doesn’t produce dust or off-gassing, homeowners don’t have to move out of the premises during installation.

The retrofit process is as follows:

  • Sets of up to 2-inch holes are drilled into the interior walls between each set of studs. (Depending on the building’s layout and construction, holes may also be drilled from the outside).
  • airKrete® insulation is mixed in drums outside the home.
  • The insulation – which has the consistency of shaving cream – is then pumped through hoses into the house and “foamed” into each drilled hole using low-pressure (2 lbs.) air.
  • When completed, interior holes are patched with drywall compound and exterior walls are patched with mortar. In new construction, airKrete® is installed at the same time as the vapour barrier (a requirement under national and provincial building codes). A special mesh is used over the studs to hold the foamed-in insulation in place. Once airKrete® dries (usually within 24 hours), drywall can be installed normally over the studs.

Residential spray foam insulation

Frustrated with high energy costs? Drafts in your home? Is walking across your bedroom floor in the morning like wandering out onto the ice? How about that floor above your garage, or the downstairs rec room? Do you need a coat to brave the attic? The sad thing is you are not alone.

Common Areas of Energy Loss

Bad news, most homes will have up to 50% of their hot or cold air leaking outside when it should remain trapped inside. Did you know that enough air escapes from a typical house every day to fill two Goodyear blimps? In winter, cold air seeps in and the warm air that you paid to heat escapes. You can feel it happening around your doors and windows. These leakages can be caused through the following areas of your home:

Energy loss - Spray Foam Insulation Toronto

  • Doors and Windows
  • Attic and Headers
  • Crawl Space
  • Exterior Walls
  • Additions without Basements/ Crawlspaces
  • Basements
  • Porch Overhangs
  • Rooms situated above garages

If you live in an older house, chances are as much as 50% of your heating and cooling bills can be attributed to air leakage. Even in newer construction with traditional insulation, you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars a year! Now, with rising energy prices, your utility bills are being driven through the roof. All that wasted money, and it’s not even buying you comfort!


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    100% Fireproof!

    airKrete® is completely non-toxic, CFC and urea-formaldehyde/formaldehydefree and 100% fireproof. Safe to handle, easy to install and friendly to the environment, airKrete® insulation is the safest, greenest choice for any retrofit or new building project.

    Did you know

    airKrete® is the most environmentally safe foamed-in insulation products on the market today. This proven, revolutionary technology excels in performance, safety, comfort and durability.

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