Enviro Tech, operating throughout BC and Alberta from its head office in Calgary, Alberta, uses airKrete® spray foam insulation and Arctic Shield and airKrete.

This environmentally-friendly product, which is 100% non-toxic, fireproof, mold- and pest-resistant, is a superior choice for insulating private and public spaces. Proven effective in raising the R-Value to 6, it is easy and safe to install.

IIS Canada is here to help you add airKrete® or Arctic Shield to your building or renovation project.

New Home Construction

airKrete® provides the highest known R-Value (6) which translates to immediate savings for the homeowner.  Builders can benefit, too, from using a product that is clean and easy to install, and one that adds market value to the home at time of sale.


airKrete can be installed from the outside or the inside of a structure through a series of small holes (2-inches or less) drilled into the walls between studs. Work can be done in minimal time and with little mess or disruption.  airKrete® insulation works with double-brick walls, frame walls, and even stucco.

Other Applications

While single-family dwellings are the perfect application for airKrete® foam insulation, other projects can benefit from the cost savings of this superior product. Examples of other uses for airKrete® include:


  • Apartment complexes
  • Schools
  • Businesses
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  • Latest News

    Arctic Shield now in Alberta!

    We are installing in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer,  Fort McMurray and surrounding areas! Prepare for winter now! give us us a call and stop resisting the cold and reflecting the heat! 1-855-550-7332

    100% Fireproof!

    airKrete® is completely non-toxic, CFC and urea-formaldehyde/formaldehydefree and 100% fireproof. Safe to handle, easy to install and friendly to the environment, airKrete® insulation is the safest, greenest choice for any retrofit or new building project.

    Did you know

    airKrete® is the most environmentally safe foamed-in insulation products on the market today. This proven, revolutionary technology excels in performance, safety, comfort and durability.

    Renovations Specialists

    We now have a new partnership to be able to have all your renovation needs taken care of with Sir Fix a lot.

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