Arctic Shield

roll-textureArctic Shield double-sided reflective products are the leading products on the market used by home owners, new home builders, agricultural and manufacturingenterprises.

Our reflective products block 97% of the radiant heat that attempts toenter building structures in the summer months or escape in the winter monthshelping save utility costs year round.

Our Arctic Shield reflective insulation can reduce heating and cooling costs by reflecting radiant heat back to the heat source.

This makes your home more comfortable both in the summer when its hot and in winter months while it is cold.

All the while both lowering your energy consumption and saving you money all year round.

Here are some images of what it looks like installed under a trailer.
radiant wrapradiant wrap

Radiant Wrap in the Home


What is Arctic Shield?

The use of radiant barriers in homes and buildings as a way to reduce utility costs is not a new concept. In fact, the history of the use of radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation technologies dates back to as early as the 1920’s when radiant barriers was used to insulate residential and commercial buildings.

Commercially Produced Radiant Products

In 1945, Radiant products were commercially produced as a radiant barrier reflective insulation product that was designed to keep summer heat out and winter heat in a home or building. Architects and builders immediately embraced this solution as a way of building higher energy efficient homes.

By the early 1960’s, millions of square feet of had been installed in homes and buildings.

NASA Uses Radiant Techbology


In the mid 1950s, when Clark E. Beck, PE, of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base engineered the development of radiant barrier technology for NASA and the space program, he couldn’t have envisioned the variety of applications for which this insulation material would someday be used.

NASA was trying to find a way to protect the astronauts during space walks from the extreme temperature shifts ranging from -273 degrees Celsius to +238 degrees Celsius. They discovered that they would have to have a seven-foot thick protective layer on the space suit if they attempted to use conventional insulation. Obviously, this was way out of the question. Instead of trying to insulate the suits, they turned to reflective technology to solve the problem.

NASA reflected the heat of their own body back at the astronauts to keep them warm, while at the same time they used the foil to reflect the deadly direct radiation from the sun (radiant heat) out of the space suit to keep them cool.

The material provided a reflective surface that kept more than 95 percent of the radiant energy from reaching the interior of the space suit. Small holes allow moisture to escape, while keeping longer heat waves from getting through. Weighing only slightly more than 17 pounds per thousand square feet. The material maintained constant, comfortable temperatures inside the space suit.

Radiant technology has been in use by NASA since the Gemini and Apollo missions. The insulation was the prime element of the environment control system that allowed Apollo astronauts to work inside the Command Module in shirt sleeves, rather than in bulky space suits. Since the Gemini and Apollo missions, the radiant technology has been used on virtually all spacecraft, including unmanned missions where instruments required thermal protection.

Today’s Arctic Shield

While radiant technology has been around for longer than most imagined, the road to acceptance and popularity was not an easy one. But with the determination of energy-efficiency focused engineers, architects, builders and the reflective insulation industry itself, scientifically supported benefits of radiant products like Arctic Shield have become widely available and accepted by governmental agencies like ENERGY STAR®, builders, and consumers alike as a cost effective way to permanently reduce utility bills and increase the comfort of homes and buildings.

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    airKrete® is the most environmentally safe foamed-in insulation products on the market today. This proven, revolutionary technology excels in performance, safety, comfort and durability.

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